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Origin:  Ottawa, ON, Canada


Genre:  Metal


Years Active:  2018- Present


Website: (insert link here)

Short Bio

With the idea of forming a band without musical boundaries or constrictions, TripleMurder has made it a point to breathe new musical life into the metal scene. Triple Murder is here to make listeners question what they think about pigeonholing bands into sub-genres, offering everything from chunky groovy riffs, blast beats, to breakdowns and two-steps and everything in between. With lyrical themes involving the state of the human race, politics and social media scares to just everyday life and human interactions, TripleMurder brings an in-your-face live show to the stage in a brilliant display of headbanging, jumping, power stomping, running and tons of other antics! Their first EP ‘Pre-Meditated’ from TripleMurder is set to be released fall 2019, with more material in the works!



“Musically, the track (Crawl) is a mix of seething guitar bursts and brutish pounding grooves, jagged jabbing chords and squirming arpeggios, vicious shrieks and carnivorous roars. It’s part racing melee and part methodical, pile-driving punishment. It also includes a fluid yet freakish guitar solo that spirals upward in mad ecstasy, as well as clean vocals intermixed with the cacophony of harsh roaring and screaming in a way that lends a sorrowful dimension to the music, and you’ll come to a closing sequence that will provide good exercise for your neck and a good clobbering for your skull. (The song includes guest vocals by Eric Forget of A Scar For the Wicked.)” – No Clean Singing


“The biggest problem with this EP is quite simply that it is far too short. What we have here is a brutal album oozing with passion. Each song has a really nice evolution that keeps each song fresh and never falling into overbearing repetition. There is also a variety of styles shown off here that is great to hear.” – Uber Rock


“Never to be put in a box or pigeon holed, TripleMurder uses their heavy eclectic sound to produce variety and diversity. There is a lot that TripleMurder has to offer within their six track EP titled Pre-Meditated. From groove filled riffs, to heavy break downs, to searing solos, to varied vocals and more, TripleMurder packs this EP to the bursting point. Through six offerings, Pre-Meditated provides a wickedly heavy yet entirely memorable and entertaining listen.” – Cadaver Garden


“With tunes such as “Boogieman”, “Sacrifice” and “Ready to Bleed”, this EP rocks hard and heavy from start to finish.” – The Metal Channel

“With bolstered yells, thrashing guitars, and a tasteful blend of both modern and metal sounds Pre-Meditated, the debut EP of TripleMurder, shows a promising future for the Canadian metal band.” – Boston Rock Radio


“The band was eager to showcase their skills (as it was their third show as a band) and did they ever deliver. With song titles like Cannibalistic, it was no surprise that the crowd began to get rowdy and mosh.  Members of the crowd being eager to move, their energy being uncontainable that they opted to hang from the venue rafters in their excitement.” – Splice Media Group

“TripleMurder brings that Pantera meets 2000s metalcore stuff in the best way possible.” – Ghostblade

“Great live band and lots of elements of old school death/thrash and modern metal in the mix. Never a dull moment in their music.” – Andrew Depedro Charlton (

2019: Pre-Meditated EP

Shared Stage with:
Unearth, Darkest Hour. Jinjer (Oct 9th 2019), The Browning (Oct 9th 2019), Sumo Cyco (Oct 9th 2019), BillyBio, Thy Will Be Done, Enochian, The Northern, A Scar For the Wicked

Tours and Festivals:
2018 – “We Wish You A Metal Christmas” Fundraiser show (Ottawa, Ontario)













Set List




PR: Publicist / Press Relations – Jon Asher -asher(@)


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