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"Sick AF!!"


- no-one ever -

With the idea of forming a band without musical boundaries or constrictions, TripleMurder has made it a point to breathe new musical life into the metal scene. Triple Murder is here to make listeners question what they think about pigeonholing bands into sub-genres, offering everything from chunky groovy riffs, blast beats, to breakdowns and two-steps and everything in between. With lyrical themes involving the state of the human race, politics and social media scares to just everyday life and human interactions, TripleMurder brings an in-your-face live show to the stage in a brilliant display of headbanging, jumping, power stomping, running and tons of other antics! Their first EP ‘Pre-Meditated’ from TripleMurder is set to be released sep 20th 2019, with more material in the works!

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